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Robb's Car for 2010 Tin Tops Series

For the 2010 season Robb will be competing in the Tin Tops again with Scott Tanner and Clinton Bell. He has also purchased a Mini 7 to compete in the Dunlop Mini 7 Championship where he will do selected races.

The MGZR however has had a complete rebuild with a new bottom end, pistons, crank etc and a lot of other extras to reduce the weight of the car and try to make it as competitive as possible.

Dunlop Mini 7 Championship


Robb bought the car from Dave Mellor for the new season and paired up with single seater racer Clinton Bell from Indikart Colchester and 2006 MGZR champion, Scott Tanner, who had returned for the 1st time in 3 years.

With some cracking races through the year and some top 5 finishes, Robb returned to his favourite circuit, Cadwell Park. Paired up with Scott Tanner, they qualified 2nd and led the race for the first 10 minutes until contact with one of the Hondas. Robb handed over to Scott at the pit stops. Unfortunately, the clutch expired on the car a few laps later which robbed the pairing of a trophy.

Later on in the year at Cadwell again, Robb entered the North West Sports and Saloons Championship where he had 2 class wins. Clinton Bell had his first ever win the same weekend in the Classic Sports Car Club Sports v Saloons Car Race.

The final race of 2009 was at Snetterton where Robb paired up with Clinton Bell for the tin tops race and Scott Tanner entered the Sports v Saloon Car Race.

Robb managed to qualify 7th for the tin tops but in Scott’s qualifying the oil pump housing broke on the car which led to the loss of oil pressure, in turn damaging the crank and bearings so the day ended there.

Robb's Car for 2009 Tin Tops Series


Robb and Dave raced another MGZR which was owned by Dave for one race only at the end of the year. He was leading by 18 seconds until the driver change but the faster Honda civic of Dyball and Livens was catching 2 seconds a lap and Dave was beaten at the line by less than 2 tenths of a second.


Again, Robb and Dave ran in the tin tops in the newly prepared car where they had some race wins and lots of podiums until Dave decided to retire at which point they sold the car.

Robb's Car for 2007 Tin Tops Series


Robb participated in a new series called the tin tops run by the classic sports car club. This is run over 10 or 12 races. They are 40 minute races with a pit stop window to change driver half way through.

Using the car of former MGZR rival Dave Mellor, Robb and Dave had some superb races and went on to take the series title.

Through this year we made a few more modifications to the car as there were a few more Honda Integras and Civics which are a lot quicker. Half way through the year disaster struck as Dave Mellor had a huge accident at Mallory Park which could have been much more serious as he was lucky to walk away with only severe bruising and concussion. The car, however, was completely destroyed.

Dave had a few months out until the pairing bought an ex MGZR cup car which was modified to produce around 225bhp. This was raced at Snetterton at the end of the year where they finished quite high up.








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